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Pausa Problems

June 26, 2013 - Blog - , ,

I was able to sleep in until 10:00AM!  This is one of the only days on the entire trip that I was able to sleep in, so it was much needed.  We usually have meetings or Italian class in the morning but since we are mainly focused on individual projects right at the moment we didn’t have to meet.  And we didn’t have Italian until after lunch.

After Italian class and a short meeting with the video group, Megan and I wandered down to the piazza in hopes of buying a University of Urbino t-shirt and/or sweatshirt.  However, because of “pausa” in Italy, which is when shops close for a few hours in the middle of the day for lunch, we were unable to get a shirt.  We wanted to stop at Conad, the local grocery store, before heading back to the classroom… but that was closed too.  We meandered over to the yummiest gelato place and got gelato in the meantime.  Finally Conad opened and I was able to grab a few things before heading back to the classroom to meet with Evan and Rusty to go film an interview.

Today we filmed an interview with Gabe, a local journalist who is the husband of our Italian professor.  Megan performed the interview, Evan manned the camera and the audio, and I was more of a production assistant.  We filmed at a little cafe on Via Raphaello which was the perfect location other than the cars that passed by constantly.  But luckily we were able to film the talking segments around the hustle and bustle of the road

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