We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

One week more.

May 3, 2015 - Blog

One week. Four years has finally dwindled down to just that, one week. A week full of friends turned family, photographs that will last us a lifetime, one too many glasses of wine, and more likely than not, lots of tears. I could babble on…

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That’s a Wrap!

August 8, 2014 - Blog

This past weekend (my last weekend out in California), I had the opportunity to go up to Napa Valley and Oakland to visit my friend Steph.  Steph’s Aunt owns a bed & breakfast, the Oak Knoll Inn, in Napa Valley so I got to be a…

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San Francisco Here We Come

July 25, 2014 - Blog

Two Mondays ago I got to join Michael and Veronica on the set of a promotional video shoot for their band, The Replicas.  This was a really cool opportunity to witness what goes into a shoot.  I was able to see firsthand how to set…

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O’Doyle Fire Protection – Meet the Team

July 24, 2014 - Uncategorized
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Two Week Recap

July 13, 2014 - Blog

The Monday following my last post my boss text me and asked if I wanted to attend the Trey Songz album release party at the iHeartRadio Theater… uh yeah! Going into the event I wasn’t a huge Trey Songz fan. I only knew his one…

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long time no talkk

Long Time No Talk

June 29, 2014 - Blog

Two weeks ago: Work was pretty normal this week – nothing new.  I did my usual tasks that include creating the prep sheet for Sisanie’s midday show, blogging, scheduling and writing social media posts, downloading the DJ mix an setting it up to play correctly…

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Fangirling Hardcore

June 17, 2014 - Blog

Since my last post, I have had the opportunity to meet one of my childhood celebrity crushes, Ryan Cabrera. (I shamefully admit that I used to kiss his poster goodnight when I would go to sleep, EMBARRASSING!)  So let me tell you how this little…

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booze beaches

Booze, Beaches and (Warner) Bros.

June 14, 2014 - Blog

Thursday at work was different than most days because DJ Sisanie was at a remote location for the day, which meant she was broadcasting her show from a farm. It was cool because she needed to pre record the beginning part of her show so…

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getting into the swing of things

Getting Into the Swing of Things

June 12, 2014 - Blog

I had a great day at my internship today! There were two other interns there today so it was great being able to collaborate with them on tasks. When I first got to KIIS today I had to do research on a new band that…

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A Day of Work and a Day of Play

June 8, 2014 - Blog

On Friday I started my internship at KIIS FM. I got there pretty early because I was so worried about not getting close parking. But I love my boss Natalia Perez, she is super cool and very relatable. When I first got there we started…

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